Saturday, 22 November 2008

5 Key Stock Market Signals for u

as we all know, economic crsis affects us seriously
during this uncertain time, many ppl are searching for guidance on what might come next
not only investors, but also business leaders..
so that there r several key signals that traders, strategists, and fund managers
typically watch closely in times of uncertainty
Given the unprecedented environment, its not clear if any will be a reliable guide this time,
but these signals do give investors something to monitor for clues to the road ahead
today, i would like to share 5 signals to all of u, they r
1.Technical Signals
2.Reports from Washington
3. Price-Earnings Ratios
4. Dividend Yields
5. The Federal Reserve

Technical Signals -
Technical strategists analyze and predict market activity based on previous market moves
Reports from Washington-
news from Washington is rattling investors
y? haha i think u must know!
Price-earining ratio (PE ratio)-
i think this part everyone who hv attented finance
must know wt is it, but i m chuffed to share wif u
so its a measure of the price paid for a share relative to
the annual income or profit earned by the firm per share
A higher P/E ratio means that investors are paying more for each unit of income
so heres the formula,
Price per share

PE ratio = -----------------------------------------
Annual earnings per share

Dividend Yields-
another fundamental measure for investors is the amount that companies pay to shareholders in dividends
as stocks have fallen, the dividend yield on stocks has jumped
a key comparison is wif the yield on the 10-year Treasury note
for the last 51 years the dividend yield on stocks has been lower than the yield on 10-year Treasuries
but that has changed, wif the 10-year's yield barely above 3%,
equities actually pay more than safe government bonds!!
The Federal Reserve-
over the past decades, investors hv learned that falling interest rates
eventually stimulate the economy and the stock mkt
so its hard to ignore the Federal Reserve, which is expected to lower rates again when it meets in December
so these 5 signals can help u n make u more clearly for investment?
haha hope my sharing can help u guys=]

Thursday, 13 November 2008


As we all know, Obama won the in the Presidential race of USA
his victory came from the backing of voters bloody unhapi with
the state of the economy and eager for new direction
however, many in business still view the President-elect with a wary eye
y? y they hv this feeling?
according to recent survey by chief executive magazine
in a survey of 751 CEOs published in October
the magazine found that 74% feared the consequences of an Obama Presidency
n 19%who worried about John McCain assuming the Oval Office
The surveyed executives feared that Obama's emphasis on big government
as his emphasis on a big gov.
n his plan to hike capital gains on big earners would stifle growth and job creation
also, the executives worried Obama doesnt understand the links between trade and growth well
n he wont be aggressive enough in solving America's immediate energy crisis
so wt do u think?
does Obama cant cope wif or handle the economic crisis?
at my pt of view, i dun fully agree of them even i dun hv rich econ. knowledge backed up
but i think we need to give some times to new president
he still hvnt started his plan or showed wt he can to for ppl
he was just elected for about 2 weeks
wt u wanna him to do?
i think solving the crisis need to time, not a hort period of time
even its urgent, but if we need an appropriate solution, we gotta give some times to our new president
if u were US president, wt would u do?
if u cant give an appropriate method, plz, dun request too much!!
even all of us r waiting for an innovation
ur anxious, so do i !

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

wt we can take from Barack Obama?

bravo! Obama becomes the Presodent of USA
he won this election, that mean USA will hv a new gov. n polity
is it reli gd? none can know now
but we can take from McCain's loss n Obama's win
even there r differences running a campaign and a company
three critical leadership principles overlap
which is a clear vision, clean execution, and friends in high places
also its Obama's decisive win
a clear vision, If you want to inspire followers, you simply cannot recast your message
like McCain's health-care policy wif real merit but he always presented it confoundedly complex
so is it a clear vision?
conversely, Obama's msg was simple n aspirational
he talked about the failings of George W. Bush,change and hope and health care for all...etc
he can give ppl a pic of his polity so that its easy to let ppl know wt he wanna do
n he can also be a perfect example for some business leaders
stick to a limited number of points, repeat them relentlessly, and turn people on

Obama did reli well!
others principles, i think ur better look into urself haha
wtever, after this election, does Obama hv a great rest?
not reli!
as there are many things to Obama to cope wif
first of all, he gotta carry out the entire promises of him
thats a clean execution!
as a business leader, we cant break our words, so does president!
after these promises i think he needs to think about the economic strategy
since economy n finance r imporant to a country espeacially USA
n there is no LT economic strategy in USA
so is it valuable to do?
i think ur better think about it !